About Us

About our company

Maison Mess is the parent company of the brands Maison Boho, Maison Maps and KOTO Kitchen. Our company is globally focussed on home decoration, fashion production, map design and sustainability. We want to bring our customers closer to the products they want at affordable prices.

Our products are sold under the brands Maison Boho, Maison Maps and Koto Kitchen.  

Our products are available online and in shops. Our brands are currently experiencing steady growth in Europe, United Kingdom and the United States. 

Our products are manufactured in China, Vietnam, The Netherlands and Italy.

Our values

Straight forwared & Open minded

Because we have an open mind about people and the world we bring positive energy.

Sustainable vision

As much as we can we research into where our fabrics and materials are sourced, and how they are made.

Global printing

We use printers for our products in the countries where we sell. This means a fast delivery, good prices and it's also better for the environment.

Let's create something nice together!